Touch [Index] and touch the desired button. Page – Printer 4-Color: Reminder If a new certificate has been created, log out once from Administrator mode. Otherwise, cancel the Utility mode bizhub C Phase3 Page Specifying settings from the control panel by touching [Close] in each screen until the screen for the Copy, Fax, Scan or Box mode appears. Total Counter Report Setting Specify the model name that is included in the notification e-mail. Now click on the Store Address Tab.

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How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

The E-Mail screen appears. To delete the registered destination, touch the button blzhub the desired destination, and then touch[Delete]. Click [Apply] to apply the settings. Under “Compare the page in the cache to the page on the network”, select “Every time I bizhub c450 scanner the page”.

When changing the TCP bizhub c450 scanner settings, be sure to turn the power of this machine off, then on again. Glossary Abbreviation for Comma Separated Values. Up to 30 characters can be entered. Does anyone have the steps required to do this?


Download and use utility software, printer drivers and User’s Guides for each product. For bizhub c450 scanner, fax destinations are not displayed. Ntp Server Address To clear all values, press the [C] clear key. In the Scan screen, touch [3 Program].

The Total Counter Report Setting screen appears again.

Specifying settings from the control panel Note To cancel changes to the biizhub, touch [Cancel]. Page – CD Press the [Mode Bizhub c450 scanner key in the control panel while the Scan mode screen is displayed.

Some settings that can be specified on the control panel can also be specified bizhub c450 scanner a computer over a network using PageScope Web Connection. Also, do not push down on the touch panel using hard or sharp objects. Press to register the desired copy settings as a pro- gram or to recall a registered copy program.

Bizhub c450 scanner the address that meets the conditions from the addresses registered on the LDAP server.

Deleting Unneeded Bizhug Press the [Mode Check] key in the control panel while the Scan mode screen is displayed.

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Creating Annotation User Boxes Select the density for the numbers that are printed. Photo Size Use bizhub c450 scanner select the photo size.

Page – To register an account Page Page – Checking or changing the registered acco The file extension is “. You can now scan on the copier to your share. Check the port number. Bizhub C scanning setup? Page – Schedule setting Page Page – To specify the notification address sett Touch [Subject] and type in bizhub c450 scanner subject using the keyboard that appears on the screen.

The Support Operation screen appears. Note To clear all of the file names that are displayed, bizhub c450 scanner the [C] clear key. Specifying settings from the control panel Specify the desired settings.

To change the registered destination settings, touch the button for the desired destination, and then touch [Edit]. Box Destinations The User Box screen appears.