Page Stop programs you are not currently using. Current file location Resolution 3. Amazon bought Ring months ago. Using The Earphones Using the Earphones The earphones allow you to talk conveniently using a hands-free solution. To exit the program, tap the Using the Calculator Mode In the Calculator mode, you can perform basic arithmetic operations for which you would normally use a handheld calculator. Tracking Friends And Colleagues Contacts:

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Calculator Calculator You can use Calculator to perform any of the standard operations for which you would normally use a handheld calculator. Incorrect settings may cause your system to malfunction. If you cannot find any installation instructions for the program in the Read Me file or documentation, use ActiveSync Explore to copy the program file to the Program Files folder on the device.

Apple MacBook Pro bug patched, kicking in full performance. Writing on the Screen In any program that accepts writing, mio digiwalker a501 as the Notes program, you can use your stylus mio digiwalker a501 write directly on the screen.

To activate the selected item, push the joystick inside. Tap the soft key to display the Favorites list. To set up or change the Bluetooth connection.

mio digiwalker a501 Tap to deactivate or activate digiwxlker Speed Voice Dial function via the Bluetooth earphone optional. Creating A Bluetooth Partnership Creating a Bluetooth Partnership A partnership is a relationship that you create between the device and another device with Bluetooth capabilities to help exchange information in a secure manner.

More details on MiTAC Mio A Digi-Walker

The first great smartphone of You can add, delete or edit message channels. For more information, tap Help Turn off the device and disconnect all external devices.

Plug the converter to the AC adapter. In the Outlook E-mail account, you will send less data if you do not edit the original message. When prompted, click Restore to proceed. Risk of explosion if battery replaced mio digiwalker a501 an incorrect type. Capturing Thoughts and Ideas Quickly capture thoughts, reminders, ideas, drawings and phone numbers with Notes.

Got it, mio digiwalker a501 to print. Plays the video clip. Using Call History Call History provides the time and duration of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, and a summary of total calls. After turning off the phone, you can still use other functions mio digiwalker a501 as camera, Calendar, games, Windows Media Player Mio digiwalker a501, etc.

Once a partnership is created, the devices need only have the Bluetooth function turned on to exchange information; Notes Tap to create a new note. Follow this procedure to mount the device in a car: Mio Programs, Emergency Locator, Creating An Sms Recipient Mio Programs In addition to Microsoft software, the device also provides additional programs to enhance the functionality or facilitate your operation.

Mio DigiWalker A501 User Manual

Resetting will cause unsaved data to be lost. As a mini satnav device the Mio A Digi Walker is good, but falls down in a number of areas. The program will enter digiqalker standby mode automatically. Camera Settings Camera Settings in the Camera mode to access related settings.

Suspend or turn off mio digiwalker a501 device frequently. When you write a letter, it is converted to typed text that appears on the screen.

Turning On the Phone 1. The add-on programs are stored on mio digiwalker a501 supplied Bonus CD, and are not installed on the device or desktop computer yet. To move in a direction, simply push the stick in the corresponding direction. Answering A Call, Rejecting A Call Answering a Call Vigiwalker an incoming call is received, the device rings or vibrates according to the options you mio digiwalker a501 set for the phone.