Because this could mean that there are some dependencies missing now. Your wireless has nothing to do with r vs r You can download the driver from the official Realtek homepage. If not, you should consider a reboot of your PC then. This can be easily done with the following command:.

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Results 1 to 10 of Version from realtek still had problems dropping connection. Your solution worked perfectly.

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This is of course a valid realtek rtl8111e linux. I had assumed I had installed the 8. Will let you know if my system starts behaving itself or I still have problems.

This really is a lot of work. Did you have done an kernel update on your machine?

Realtek RTLE linux network driver not working

I had the exact same problem and these steps fixed it perfectly. If you install a nightly kernel and you want to go back to Ubuntu default kernel you can select the default realtek rtl8111e linux from the GRUB boot menu.

So for example, if you use Debian a line like: For this you can use the command lsmod. I found this out when I upgraded to 8. Everytime I reaotek into Ubuntu and switch the graphic realtek rtl8111e linux to nVidia with the nVidia tool, everything realtek rtl8111e linux going fine you have to realek off and log in again after every graphic card switch.

When I install the card I lose connectivity. Last edited by AlbertP on Thu Jun 28, 4: This can be realtek rtl8111e linux done with the following command:.

If I use the usb connector, it receives all the network parameters ip address, mask, gateway and dns and I have connection to Internet.

I disagree that downloading the deb would mean that dependencies could be realtek rtl8111e linux. I now have a stable connection. The apt-get one or did you compiled the driver by yourself? And can you post or describe the problem a little bit more?

First I tried skipping the Linux 3. I got the following: For me it realtek rtl8111e linux without changing cables. I followed you instructions and even edited the make file.

You can ignore the SSL error for now. Select all inxi -N dmesg grep r For this article that was the 11th of August Luckily Log file eth0 upgoogle and your post saved me.

How To get your Realtek RTL/RTL working (updated guide) – – Unixblogger –

The interface works fine on Windows 7. Hi, did you tried to blacklist the loaded RTLau driver? And for five years your clear instructions have helped me.

Why do I need this driver anyway? The internet will come back and everything will be working normally 3 Immediately after the internet resumes: